About Us

BTCPay Server has been rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its development speed and open availability. Many users are discovering the infinite uses and benefits of running their own full bitcoin (and other optional) nodes with incredibly flexible and developer-friendly invoicing and payment-processing.

The success of the Project has unsurprisingly gathered a great deal of interest from corporate entities.

To secure the future development of BTCPay Server it has become incumbent upon the Project to organise a process for accepting the donations of those entities who wish to contribute to the efforts of BTCPay Server.

BTCPay Server’s ultimate goal is to help businesses and individuals achieve self-sovereignty regardless of their political environment. While Bitcoin has the technical potential to achieve this, we believe that better infrastructure (middleware) such as BTCPay Server is needed to make financial freedom truly ubiquitous.

Donations to BTCPay Server Foundation will be used only on endeavours which help to fulfil that goal and only on endeavours related to the BTCPay Server Project.

Such endeavours include:

  • Development of new BTCPay Server features
  • Development and maintenance of e-commerce plugins
  • Production of training/tutorial material (Video, documentation...)
  • Promotion of BTCPay Server (events, hackathon, goodies)
  • Increase of the reach of BTCPay Server (helping it to run in more diverse environments)

Donations shall not be used for:

  • Development of Alt-coin related feature (More alt-coin support does not help achieving self sovereignty, Bitcoin is self sufficient)
  • Integration of third party services to BTCPay. (Introducing third party dependency goes against the self-sovereignty principle)

The costs associated with operating the supporting structure, such as legal and accountancy fees, taxes, establishment fees and server costs will be covered by donations to the foundation.

The BTCPay Server Foundation, will not commercialise any product, and supports itself entirely on donated capital.

The custodians of the Foundation shall undertake to vote upon any endeavour which may be in conflict with another priority. Nicolas Dorier, founder of the BTCPay Server Project, shall possess two votes for the purpose of breaking a tie.

BTCPay Server Foundation is not a 501(c)(3) organisation. If you have questions about the tax consequences of donating, please consult a tax professional.