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The BTCPay Server Project is proudly supported by these entities through the BTCPay Server Foundation

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Supporting the Foundation

BTCPay Server realises the Bitcoin project's goal of making money accessible to financially-sovereign individuals through world-class, open-source payment processing and direct access to the full bitcoin network.

Development of this software has involved countless volunteered man-hours to not only produce the system but also keep it up-to-date and compatible with bleeding-edge technology such as the Lightning Network which extend the practical use of bitcoin even further.

BTCPay Server must be able to continue to provide the very best open-source software stack and your contribution can make that happen.
Support from corporate entities will fuel the future development of BTCPay Server and the roll out of new features and installation options.

Supporters of the BTCPay Server Foundation will be featured on our website and will be helping to bolster the steady growth of bitcoin and BTCPay Server.

If you are interested in supporting the Foundation, please give us your contact information below and we will be in touch.